The Opus Pocus Orchestra

The Opus Pocus Orchestra

A freelance ensemble of some of the top young professional musicians in the business!

  • 1st Violins

    • Sarah Sexton*
    • Ellie Stanford
    • Mark Pedus
    • Paloma Deike
    • Anne-Marie Curran
    • Phillip Grannel
    • Martin Lissola
    • Mark Derudder

  • 2nd Violins

    • Laura Stanford*
    • Katie Neaves
    • Edward Walton
    • Christian Halstead
    • Sarah Eales
    • Jamie Hutchinson

  • Violas

    • Rachel Johnson*
    • Sarah Malcolm
    • Jean McGowan
    • Claudine Guidoin

  • Cellos

    • Becky Jordan*
    • Heidi Parsons
    • Dury Loveridge
    • Rhian Porter

  • Basses

    • Kylie Davies*
    • Nicki Davenport

  • Harp

    • Ruth Potter

  • Flute

    • Dave Cuthbert*
    • Jane Dixon (piccolo doubling)
    • Clare Findlater (piccolo)

  • Oboe

    • Cat MacKinnon*
    • Kenny Sturgeon (cor doubling)

  • Clarinet

    • Andrew Dickinson*
    • Keith Slade

  • Bassoon

    • Adam McKenzie*
    • Dan Emson

  • Horns

    • Martyn Bayliss*
    • Kathryn Allnutt
    • James Topp
    • Ed Mills
    • Jamie Thomas

  • Trumpets

    • Steve Hicks*
    • Matt Down
    • Dave Hopkin

  • Trombones

    • Simon Powell*
    • Simon Baker
    • Andy Clennell

  • Tuba

    • Dan Trodden

  • Percussion

    • Matt Whittington*
    • Dave Gonella
    • Barnaby Archer
    • Jim Wycherly
    • Steve Gibson
    • Jez Wiles
    • Jonny Raper


1001 Arabian Nights starring  Brian Blessed & Rory Bremner

Rory BremnerClick below to hear and read Rory Bremner’s interviews about working on The Opus Pocus

“I loved being involved with this project – the idea of setting a funny and fast-moving script to the original music was inspired, creating a lively and engaging experience that I’ve rarely experienced in classical music productions for a younger audience. It could become a kind of Peter and the Wolf for a new generation.”

– Rory Bremner

Brian Blessed“The script had me chuckling from start to finish, but I was also struck by how original the concept was: a children’s story written to perfectly overlay an entire symphony (and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade is one of my favourites, by the way) as an exciting introduction to classical music. a magical idea indeed!”

– Brian Blessed

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